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About Practical Christian Living Initiative

PCLI is the result of a God given vision to Tinuola Agbabiaka  – a lawyer by training and a certified relationship counsellor – over eight years ago which has manifested as an NGO whose core focus is to encourage strong and wholesome relationships both in the home and in the public arena.

PCLI believes that the home is a sanctuary where attitudes are formed, and a happy home ultimately leads to a better society as a whole. The family home is the smallest unit in the society and it is where character, attitudes and behaviour are formed and PCLI’s vision is to help in building loving and fulfilling homes which ultimately leads to a better society.

Relationships are the bedrock of societies and if we can to the best extent possible maintain good relationships with each other, societies all over the world will be better off for it. The home is the building block for these relationships and PCLI’s core vision is to facilitate the building of great relationships in the home before any other place.

PCLI actively encourages the building of tight-knit relationships through workshops, dinner and dance events, newsletters, counselling, and social media posts to reach out to the community at large and involve all members of the family, across generations.

For relationships whose bonds are fraying, we advocate for counselling provided by a certified relationship counsellor to set parties on a path to reconciliation and restoration.

Our Trustees

  • Mrs. Tinuola Agbabiaka
    Mrs. Tinuola Agbabiaka Trustee

    A woman who has a passion for the things of God and who believes in the practicability of God’s word in every aspect of living, most especially the marriage union.

  • Mr. Oriyomi Agbabiaka
    Mr. Oriyomi Agbabiaka Trustee

    A committed Christian who loves the Lord and believes strongly in the marriage institution. He is a Businessman and has been married for over fifteen years.

  • Mr. Bolade Opaleye
    Mr. Bolade Opaleye Trustee

    A dedicated Christian, he is a lawyer of about twenty years standing. He holds a masters degree in Business Administration. He is also a notary public with vast experience in commercial practice and a member of the International Bar Association. .

  • Dr. Tunde Odusote
    Dr. Tunde Odusote Trustee

    A minister of the gospel, he is a medical doctor with over twenty years experience. He has been married for about eleven years and strongly believes in the marriage institution.

  • Mr. Damola Olusunmade
    Mr. Damola Olusunmade Trustee

    A committed and dedicated Christian, he is a strategy and business development resource person since 1999. He has been married for over six years and is strongly committed to the marriage institution.

Our Team

  • Olatayo Adaramaja PCLI Team

    Olatayo is a graduate of Agricultural Economics and Farm Management from Olabisi Onabanjo University (formerly Ogun State University, Ago Iwoye Ogun State), an Alumnus of The International Institute of Import-Export Institute Arizona, a Fellow of Chartered Institute of Finance and Control of Nigeria, an Chartered Associate of Institute of Chartered Management Accountant (Nigeria), and a student member of Chartered Institute of Stock-broking.

  • Oluwagbemiga Adaramaja PCLI Team

    Oluwagbemiga is a graduate of Physics from Olabisi Onabanjo University (formerly Ogun State University, Ago Iwoye Ogun State), an Alumnus of The International Institute of Import-Export Institute Arizona, a Chartered Member of Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport UK, a member of APICS, and an Associate member of Nigerian Institute of Management.

  • Omoyemi OLUSUNMADE PCLI Team

    Omoyemi, a devoted wife and mother of three lovely girls is a legal practitioner in active private practice in Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Similoluwa Bello
    Similoluwa Bello

    Similoluwa Bello is the Personal Assistant to Mrs. Tinuola Agbabiaka.  She supports and works closely with her, and provides feedback on weekly duties. She is involved in event planning, contacting clients, management of the organisation’s social media platforms, and so on.

Our Mission

For the married

  • To recognise that marriage is a gift from God and should be cherished.
  • To help individuals recognise that though as Christians, we have a stronger foundation by applying biblical principles to our marriage, but knowing this is not just enough. There must be a doing to make sure that our marriage is “Christian”.
  • To help Christians explore ways to improve themselves through the word of God so that they can be better individuals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • To encourage Christians to see God in everything they do and not separate Christianity from personal issues, as some Christians are prone to do.

To strive to give a refreshing opportunity for husbands and wives to rediscover how God made them especially for each other to compliment one another.
To assist couples in understanding how to better meet each other’s sexual needs.
To encourage Christians to help make being called a Christian synonymous with integrity, trustworthiness, love, excellence, peace and joy.
To help couples understand the ways of God in bringing up children especially in the areas of love, tough love, discipline, encouragement, approval, etc.
To help couples understand how to relate to their in-laws and relatives.
To help Christians “practice what they preach”. In other words “walk the talk”.

For the Single

To help determine company or friends to avoid which may lead them into compromising their faith.
To assist in determining if another is interested and how to go about seeking the face of God.
To create avenues for singles to meet and socialise.
To profile Christians and be able to connect singles with the same goals and vision.

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Over Seven Hundred Families Impacted and Still Counting.....
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