We are in interesting times and there are lots of families unable to feed. They were barely feeding pre-COVID-19 so we can only imagine what they are going through now. The very-low-income ones have their breadwinner as a daily paid worker is unable to work so the whole family suffers. Even those with monthly budgets are unable to meet up.because of the sudden rise in foodstuff. People need food more than ever and sadly a lot may die out of lack of immunity due to malnutrition or even just die of hunger than the dreaded COVID-19.
We will send money to as many indigent families as we have the capacity for by the special grace of God.

Some of us are blessed and have the ability to reach out to as many homes as possible. Each home will receive 5000naira only. Our aim is to reach as many as possible

Please DO NOT send food items or clothing as we are not equipped to receive or distribute them
We will only accept cash donations at this time due to obvious reasons.

If you know of any indigent family that is unable to feed, please give them our no 08173137189 (WhatsApp only)

Let’s not forget; “Mercy to the needy is a loan to God and God pays back those loans in full” Pro.19:17

You may choose to sponsor 1, 2, 10, 20 families, etc
Want partner with us? To send a message to 08173137189 (WhatsApp only)
Account details: 0001989303 Practical Christian Living Initiative GTB.

We are a fully registered charity and have been feeding families for years with the help of our partners.

We continue to meet needs of families and homes. May God who sees all and rewards accordingly bless us all.


Lagos State, Nigeria




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